Advocacy Day 2015!

Wow. I mean, WOW!

The last two days are the reason I do Government Advocacy! We had 37 people there – comprised of 5 staff members, 1 board member, 14 different families, children aged 2-16, a Mayor and even parents whose son passed away from complications of a transplant. These are our constituents, these are the faces of NS/FSGS. I was so proud, excited, energized by these families who traveled (many from the west coast!) to be here, tell their story and STAND UP & BE COUNTED for their loved ones!

We are so grateful and we thank each and every one of the following participants: Tamekia Bernard, Maria Bradley, Justine Byun, Gregory Byun, Betsy Calloway, Dylan Clancy, Pam Duquette, Lindsay Duquette, Matt Duquette, Richard Fissel, Wayne Hall, Ashlee Harrison, Zeke Harrison, Zoey Harrison, Terry Hauk, Steve Hauk, Lisa Hollomon, Matt Hollomon, Geni Hubbard, Jessie Hull, Jeff Hull, Genneia James, Jaylen  James, Jordan James, Annmarie Naples, Anthony Naples, Cecilia Naples, Grace Naples, Kimberly Queen, Helga Queen, Kathleen Romanczuk, Rhoda Thompson, Manu Varma

– Jessica Martin, Director of Program Operations, NKI

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