Montrez Lucas, LMSW

Associate Director, Patient Navigation

Montrez Lucas, LMSW joined NephCure in October 2022 as the Associate Director of Patient Navigation. He is a licensed social worker with an extensive background in the field of healthcare social services. Before coming to NephCure, he led a team of social workers at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta.

In his role at NephCure, Montrez helps patients, caregivers, and care partners navigate through healthcare services and systems. He builds relationships with rare kidney disease patients and families to help identify and solve problems, locate resources, reduce health disparities, empower patients to get the care they need, and support positive health behaviors and outcomes.

In his daily work, Montrez provides personalized guidance to patients in navigating their disease journey, including assisting with healthcare access, school support services (such as IEPs and 504 plans), insurance, medication assistance programs, and more. Click here to get in touch with Montrez.

  • Atlanta, GA