End-Stage Kidney Disease

Stage five of chronic kidney disease, also known as end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) or end-stage renal disease (ESRD), is when the kidneys’ level of function has decreased to only 10-15% of their normal capacity. This is called kidney failure. In most cases, kidney failure happens after years of living with chronic kidney disease. Less commonly, kidney failure occurs suddenly. This is called acute kidney failure. Regardless of cause, once a patient is in kidney failure they will require kidney replacement therapy (dialysis) and/or a kidney transplant.

5 Stages of Kidney Disease

Stage 1: Kidney Function/GFR >90% – Normal or High Function

Stage 2: Kidney Function/GFR 60-89% – Mildly Decreased Function

Stage 3: Kidney Function/GFR 30-59% – Mild to Moderately Decreased Function

Stage 4: Kidney Function/GFR 15-29% – Severely Decreased Function

Stage 5: Kidney Function/GFR <15% – Kidney Failure


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Kidney Transplants

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RKD & Mental Health

Start talking about mental health early in your RKD journey with NephCure. Early discussions empower you with coping strategies, normalize mental health, and reduce stigma.


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