Creating a better world for everyone affected by rare, protein-spilling kidney disease

Rare kidney disease (RKD) touches thousands of lives across the globe every day. NephCure is shaping the future of RKD by empowering patients to take charge of their health, while leading the revolution in research, new treatments, and care. Together, we’re helping everyone affected by RKD thrive—and each day, getting one step closer to a cure.

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Diagnosed with a rare, protein-spilling kidney disease? You’re not alone.

If you or a loved one is coping with FSGS, IgA nephropathy, or another nephrotic syndrome, the path forward doesn’t always seem clear. No matter where you are in your journey, NephCure is here to support you, and connect you with the right tools, resources, and care.


Newly Diagnosed

Newly Diagnosed?

For so many people, coping with a recent diagnosis of rare kidney disease means feeling afraid, worried, or even alone. Take back your health and your hope by understanding your disease. We’ve compiled these introductory resources to help get you started.


Find a Specialist

Find a Specialist

The understanding of rare kidney disease evolves every day. To provide the best care possible, NephCure Specialists stay on the cutting edge of the latest research, treatment options, and clinical trials, while sharing resources with the RKD community. Better care is only a click away.


Clinical Trials

Explore Treatments Currently In Trial

The world of RKD therapies is evolving fast. As scientists and medical professionals learn more about rare, protein-spilling kidney diseases, patients everywhere gain access to clinical trials for the best care possible and latest treatment options. Learn more to see if you or a loved one would be a good fit for one of the current trial opportunities.


Get Support Now

Get Support Now

Not sure where to begin? For more than 20 years, NephCure has helped RKD patients and their loved ones navigate the ins and outs of these challenging diseases. Reach out today and we’ll welcome you into our community, guiding you to the resources you need.

Get Support

For Rare Kidney Disease. For a Brighter Future.

Since 2000, NephCure has led the charge in creating a better reality for everyone affected by RKD by funding and advancing research, supporting patients, advocating for change, and creating a community. Learn more about the history, mission, and team behind our organization.


Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers help the Rare Kidney Disease (RKD) community thrive while advocating for important awareness and change. Explore open volunteering opportunities that need your support, and join us in our mission of empowering people with rare, protein-spilling kidney diseases to take back their health.


Your Support Isn’t Just Help. It’s Hope.

The enormous progress we’ve made depends on the generous support of our community and donors. Give back today to help us create a world where all who are affected by rare, protein-spilling kidney diseases are connected to new and better treatments—and one day, a cure.


Stories From Patients & Families

Resources for Rare Kidney Diseases


Living with IgA Nephropathy: The Personal Stories of Four Rare Kidney Disease Patients

Informational Documents

Top Ten Tips for Your Telehealth Appointment

Educational Materials

Finding the Right Doctor

Fact Sheet

Focal-Segmental-Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)


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