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Our local NephCure communities are groups of patients, care partners, and community members who want to learn, connect, and take action against rare kidney disease (RKD). Each community is unique. Our volunteers work together to provide meaningful opportunities for their local community to educate and support each other, raise awareness of RKD, and fundraise for NephCure. Select your state below to connect directly with leaders in your area, and learn more about the great people and activities that are moving our mission forward near you.

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Make Your Voice Heard

Discover how our advocacy initiatives are shaping the future of healthcare for those affected by rare kidney diseases. By joining forces with NephCure, you become an essential part of our mission to increase awareness, secure research funding, and provide unwavering support for our community.


Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers help the rare kidney disease community thrive while advocating for important awareness and change. Explore open volunteering opportunities that need your support, and join us in our mission of empowering people with rare, protein-spilling kidney disease to take back their health.

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