Patient Navigation Services

Meet Montrez Lucas

Associate Director of Patient Navigation at NephCure

As a licensed social worker, Montrez specializes in helping patients, caregivers, and care partners navigate the complexities of healthcare services and systems. Building strong relationships with individuals and families affected by rare kidney diseases, Montrez focuses on identifying and solving problems, locating resources, reducing health disparities, empowering patients to get the care they need.

Through personalized guidance, he assists with various aspects of the disease journey, including:

  • Healthcare access
  • Genetic testing
  • Mental health
  • Physician referral/Second Opinions
  • School support services (such as IEPs and 504 plans)
  • Insurance
  • Medication assistance programs
  • And more!

If you need support or have questions, complete the form below to connect with Montrez and access valuable assistance on your RKD journey.

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