About Us

Building a world where all who are affected by rare, protein-spilling kidney disease are connected to new and better treatments—and one day, a cure.

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NephCure’s mission is to empower people with rare, protein-spilling kidney disease to take charge of their health, while leading the revolution in research, new treatments, and care.

Founded in 2000 by a group of committed patient parents, NephCure is the only kidney organization squarely focused on nephrotic syndrome, FSGS, IgAN, and other rare, protein-spilling kidney diseases. We push rare kidney disease (RKD) research and care forward, while connecting patients, families, healthcare providers, government agencies, industry partners, and other key stakeholders so everyone affected by RKD can thrive.

Since our founding, NephCure has invested more than $40 million in kidney disease research. We’ve helped create a new reality where patients have access to new treatments, including more than 60 interventional drug trials for rare kidney disease currently in progress.

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NephCure Statistics


NephCure funds invested in research to date


New potential treatments being tested for patients


NephCure Specialist nationwide provideing expert care


Patients & families reached yearly through our programs


Annual events bringing together the RKD community nationwide


Members of our advocacy network creating change


Regional communities giving patients and families support

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What We Do

Our model is different from other rare disease organizations by design. We build bridges between stakeholder groups touched by RKD, creating a network that is stronger than the sum of its parts. Together, we:

  • Fund and advance research
  • Support patients
  • Advocate for change
  • Create a community
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For Rare Kidney Disease

We are one team with one focus: Saving, improving, and empowering lives of those affected by RKD.

Our Team

Meet the people behind NephCure. We’re a team of professionals working together to support everyone affected by rare kidney disease.

Our Impact

Together, we’re creating a better world for everyone affected by rare, protein-spilling kidney diseases. Learn more about the progress we’ve made and continue to make around RKD awareness, research, and care.

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Our Values

Impactful & Always Moving Forward

Innovation and impact are at the core of our DNA. As agents of change, we are constantly assessing the landscape, identifying needs, and working together to create new solutions towards finding a cure.

Patients First

Everything we do begins by asking, “Is this in the best interest of patients and their families?” Through constant patient input, transparency in action, and a team of critical thought leaders supporting us, we strive to keep patients at the center of every conversation.

Connection & Collaboration

We can accomplish more together than we ever could individually: progress happens when unique perspectives on rare kidney disease collide. Our model depends on bringing multiple stakeholder voices together to improve health outcomes for rare kidney disease patients.

Health Equity

We can’t talk about kidney health without addressing the need for health equity. We will fight to reach every community affected by rare kidney disease so that all can access the updates in treatments and care they deserve.

The Latest Events & News

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5th Annual Boogie on the Bayou

July 20

Patient Program

NephCure Teens Support Group

July 22


Students and Teachers Throw Pies to Raise Money fo…


“Change is good; change facilitates growth.”

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Current Partnerships

Building a better world for everyone affected by rare kidney disease takes help along the way. Our corporate partners play a critical part in powering our mission, helping fuel the revolution in research and care.


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