Rasheed Gbadegesin, M.D.

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr Rasheed A. Gbadegesin is a Tenured Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Nephrology, Duke University, Durham, NC, an Investigator at the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute (DMPI) and the Associate Program Director of the Duke Pediatric Research Scholar (DPRS) program. The overarching objective of his research program is to understand the genetic basis, the pathogenesis, and the determinants of variable therapy response in hereditary and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome.

Durham, North Carolina

Duke University Medical Center

Lay Summary of the Project:

Dr. Gbadegesin and Dr. Winn collaborated at the Duke Center for Human Genetics where they examined the genes of more than 100 families in which many members have FSGS. They sequenced and analyzed genes to find the specific locations or ‘loci’ of a gene or DNA sequence on a chromosome associated with FSGS and the risk factors associated with FSGS disease progression. While the cause of FSGS remains unknown, recent advances in the field of molecular genetics have shown that a defect in genes encoding a component of the kidney filtering mechanism may be responsible for some cases.


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