Jeremy Duffield, M.D., Ph.D.

NephCure Established Investigator Awardee

Jeremy Duffield, MD, PhD, FRCP, is the Chief Scientific Officer of Prime Medicine. He has many years of drug discovery experience at Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Biogen Inc. preceded by a distinguished career in academic medicine.

Seattle, Washington

University of Washington

Lay Summary of the Project:

Fibrosis is the irreversible scarring of tissue due to injury or disease that reduces the ability of organs such as the kidney to function properly. The progression of this condition in FSGS cannot be stopped with traditional medications and may lead to ESRD, requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant for survival. Dr. Duffield is testing the efficacy of a compound called Pentraxin-2 (PTX-2) in mouse models that express two types of glomerular injury. Preliminary studies have found that PTX-2 has an anti-fibrotic effect and may be potentially useful for the treatment and prevention of fibrotic diseases, such as FSGS.


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