Jeffrey Hodgin, M.D., Ph.D

ASN Foundation for Kidney Research Grant

Jeffrey B. Hodgin, M.D., PhD. completed his undergraduate education at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, receiving a B.S. in Chemistry in 1992. After graduation, he worked in the laboratory of Drs. Oliver Smithies and Nobuyo Maeda and was involved in several projects employing gene targeted mice to investigate the genetics of essential hypertension. The experience sparked an interest in medicine and he continued his education at the UNC School of Medicine. Dr. Hodgin completed residency training in Anatomic Pathology at Columbia University, New York, in 2006 and a Nephropathology Fellowship at Columbia University under the tutelage of Dr. Vivette D’Agati in 2008.

Washtenaw County, Michigan

University of Michigan

Lay Summary of the Project:

This investigator employs a systems approach to identifying key molecular pathways in the glomerulus (filtering unit of the kidney) and the specialized epithelial cells called podocytes. Dr. Hodgin uses high throughput genetic screening techniques to determine which proteins that are coded for from genetic material in a mouse model of FSGS are actually turned on. He uses highly sophisticated computer programs to analyze the results of the animal model and hypothesize which might be the most relevant pathways in human FSGS disease.


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