Meet Southern California Regional Leader: Christopher Windisch

Christopher Windisch is an FSGS patient living in the Southern California area. His leadership has helped secure not only a great sense of support and friendship within the local kidney community, but his ingenuity and creativity constantly pushes him to think about what’s next. Christopher sits on NephCure’s Board of Directors. You can contact him directly at

What’s your personal connection to NephCure?

I was diagnosed with FSGS myself, and I first became involved with the organization in 2010. I  sponsored walks in my area at first.

What makes you committed to volunteering with NephCure?

I have a constant hope that we will one day find new therapies. I also hope to leverage my leadership to build a sustainable NephCure community in the Southern California area.

Chris, his wife, and their two boys.

What projects are you working on right now?

I’m mainly focusing on fundraising at the moment. I sit on NephCure’s Board of Directors so I am also involved with things there as well. I always feel like I should be doing more!

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