March is National Kidney Month

Raise Awareness During National Kidney Month 

March is all about the kidneys! To spread awareness about kidney disease and honor those who are affected by it, we welcome you to download our NephCure National Kidney Month graphics and share across your social media channels. Download our social media graphics here.

#SockItToKidneyDisease on March 10th

Additionally, we invite you to wear your craziest pair of socks on World Kidney Day, March 10th, to join us in the #SockItToKidneyDisease campaign. One of the first signs of kidney disease many notice is swelling — especially in the legs and feet. Sometimes the swelling is so severe that it’s hard for people to fit socks around their ankles. Post a photo online in your socks, tag @NephCure, and use the hashtag #SockItToKidneyDisease.

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