Encouraging interim results from Travere’s PROTECT trial for IgAN patients

Interim results have been announced  from Travere Therapeutic’s PROTECT study, and although preliminary, the data look promising for IgA Nephropathy (IgAN) patients. 

Travere’s ongoing Phase 3 trial is studying the drug sparsentan in IgAN patients. 

On average, patients who received sparsentan experienced a nearly 50% reduction of proteinuria after 36 weeks. That’s roughly three times more than the active control. Active protein-spilling (proteinuria) leads to kidney damage. The priority for every patient should be to stop or reduce protein in their urine. 

To date, sparsentan has been generally well tolerated by those in the study. Unlike steroids and other commonly prescribed off-label drugs for progressive kidney diseases like IgAN, sparsentan is not an immunosuppressant. 

This news comes just a few months after the interim data from Travere’s Phase 3 DUPLEX study evaluating sparsentan in FSGS, also achieved its interim proteinuria endpoint. 

The PROTECT and DUPLEX studies are some of the largest studies to date for IgAN and FSGS patients, respectively, to reach this level of trial data. It’s possible that these results, could ultimately lead to a potential approval of sparsentan. 

To read more about Travere’s interim results from the PROTECT Study in IgAN, click here.

Want to learn more about this research and what it could mean for patients with IgAN and other progressive, protein-spilling kidney diseases? Join NephCure’s Nurse Kristen on Facebook Live on August 25th where she discusses this news in further detail — breaking down the study results, who could be impacted by this research, and what the timeline could be to see new treatments for IgAN, FSGS, and other rare, protein-spilling kidney diseases. 

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