What does STAND UP & BE COUNTED mean to you?

SUBC website story imageAt The NephCure Foundation, we believe everyone can make a difference in the search for better treatments and a cure for FSGS and Nephrotic Syndrome; we believe everyone can STAND UP & BE COUNTED for their child, spouse, loved one, friend, even for ourself.

Through June 16, Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook post with #SUBC and an anonymous donor will give $5 to NephCure! Who do you STAND UP for? Get the flyer and post every day! Be sure to tag your post with #SUBC and share with your friends. STAND UP & BE COUNTED. 

Thank you for taking the time today to consider supporting NephCure in our fight to end debilitating kidney diseases like Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and other conditions that cause Nephrotic Syndrome (NS). Thank you for doing what you could in the past to contribute toward finding a cure. The fight continues, and more support is needed.

Today, you have a chance to do more. Today you have a chance to STAND UP & BE COUNTED in the fight to find a cure for the rare, life-altering kidney diseases that cause Nephrotic Syndrome.

Chances are you know someone suffering from a kidney disease. If you do, you’ve seen firsthand how lives have been affected by endless dialysis appointments, the anxiety of waiting for a kidney transplant, the burning desire to keep hope alive while waiting for a treatment that could help, and ultimately a cure. You can do something today. Your contribution is more than financial – you are contributing your voice. You are choosing to STAND UP & BE COUNTED for your child, your friend, your neighbor, or loved one in the fight against kidney disease. You are contributing hope for a cure.

Eight-thousand people are diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome every year. People like 4-year-old Mason who’s lived with NS for more than half his life already, and 30-year-old Tessawhose life was turned upside down when she became ill while pregnant with her son, and was ultimately diagnosed with FSGS. Each person with a condition that causes NS has a story like Mason’s and Tessa’s, and each one is waiting for a cure.SUBC Photo 2

You, like so many others, take your charitable contributions seriously. You want to be part of finding a solution, and not feel like just another donor contributing to overhead or operating costs. We’re asking you to be part of a solution. When you contribute through STAND UP & BE COUNTED, your funds go to NephCure, but your contribution goes to your loved one, your friend, your neighbor. You are doing more than sending a donation, you are standing up for someone you know, someone you love, someone you cherish.

We know that every patient counts. We won’t rest until we’ve funded the research that finds a cure for each of these rare, debilitating diseases. STAND UP & BE COUNTED today – 93 cents of every dollar you donate goes directly into research, education, and advocacy programs. You matter. Every contributor and every dollar counts. Who will you stand up for today in the fight to find a cure? 

The diseases are rare. Helping doesn’t have to be.


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