Test The New ‘My Kidney Buddy’ Mobile App!

technology-1Are you buried in paper from all your doctor visits? Ditch the binder- there’s an app for that! As part of the NephCure Kidney Network Patient Registry ( we are developing a mobile app that makes keeping track of your paper medical records a thing of the past! My Kidney Buddy conveniently tracks crucial information such as new symptoms, current medications, and lab values and allows you to easily access them on your smartphone.

Additional features include a graphing function so you can better track changes in your lab values over time. The My Kidney Buddy diary feature also allows you to track changes in your diet or if new symptoms occur.

Coordinating your care can be complicated and it is important that you and your physician have all your important medical information available. By using My Kidney Buddy, you can be sure that your important health information is recorded and can be easily relayed to your physician… all without the hassle of carrying a heavy binder!

We are looking for ‘beta testers’ to try this application and give us feedback on your experience prior to its release to the general public- and we need your help! Help us help you by testing My Kidney Buddy today!

Email Chelsey Fix at for more information.