Timothy S.

Adult, IgA Nephropathy

I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy in 2005. Unfortunately, five years later my health took a turn for the worse, and my kidney function severely decreased in that time. By 2013, doctors estimated I had less than a year before my kidneys failed. In November of that year, I was placed on the transplant waiting list. In May 2014, my kidneys did fail.

After fighting through much pain that summer, my wife was approved to be my kidney donor. In October 2014, we had the transplant. During this journey, it was incredibly difficult to speak about my struggles with dialysis and kidney failure with close friends and family since none of them had experienced these issues themselves. Something that really helped me get through everything that was happening was starting my blog at www.cornerofthemind.com.

Ever since the night of October 17th when I had the transplant, I feel so amazing! I’ve been healthy and well ever since. Looking back on the years I’d been deteriorating health-wise and how my body kept adjusting to the “new normal” of feeling worse day-by-day, I can honestly say that modern medicine, and love, are amazing things.

My advice to other patients is to always get a second opinion.