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NephCure is a research focused, patient advocacy group with the mission of expediting treatments for Glomerular Diseases. It has been recognized that there is a significant connection between a patient’s timely and effective care and their resulting prognosis. This realization inspired us to launch our NephCure Specialists program.

The goal of this initiative is to provide patients with earlier access to those clinicians who are specialists in and routinely treat Glomerular Diseases.

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This list is an invaluable resource for patients and their loved ones impacted by Glomerular Disease. Your participation will help families find a comprehensive list of specialists in diverse care settings and various geographic regions. 

Nephcure specialists
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Current Partnerships

Building a better world for everyone affected by rare kidney disease takes help along the way. Our corporate partners play a critical part in powering our mission, helping fuel the revolution in research and care.


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