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1039738_10100501785260311_721709976_oHi, my name is Amanda, I’m an attorney, live in Chicago, and I have FSGS. When I was 26 I began gaining weight unexpectedly and a kidney biopsy a couple weeks later confirmed the diagnosis. Immediately I began steroid treatments, and responded well; however when we attempted to wean off the steroids, the symptoms returned.

After another failed round of steroids, I temporarily lost my health insurance and was unable to see a doctor.  Fortunately, I was able to eventually obtain insurance and then was quickly admitted to the hospital because the swelling was so extreme. I’ve been on Cyclosporine, Cellcept and now started Prograff and fortunately my kidney function has remained stable.

Throughout my treatments, NephCure has been an important resource for me, grateful for the opportunity to interact with other patients and to talk to experts in the field.

My friends & family think I am fierce – I won’t let anything stand in my way. Some people assume that a rare disease diagnosis would stop your life in its tracks. But I’ve learned that things that would have caused anger or provoked frustration in the past seem unimportant now. Life is way too short to spend fighting or being upset about the little things. My husband Al and I now spend time advocating, fundraising, and working tirelessly with NephCure to help fund the cure for FSGS. We know what we want and what we all want is a cure!

We need more, we want more, and we want to give more. Won’t you join us in this fight?

Sincerely, Amanda

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