Deanna V.

Adult, FSGS

My protein was high with my first pregnancy at age 27. After my son was born when I was 28, I was diagnosed with FSGS via biopsy. The years since have included some interesting treatments and side effects, but I am very lucky to be relatively healthy overall. My OB, GP, and nephrologist even agreed I was safe to have another baby. I am due in seven weeks with my second child, a girl. I am being tested regularly and monitored closely, but so far so good!

Find support from NephCure’s resources. There are patients who have tried the drugs you are taking and understand the issues. They understand the huge life changes that can come with chronic illness. Reach out and get support. However, don’t do too much personal research. You can scare yourself to death with horror stories that may have no relevance to your circumstance. Get support, and take one step at a time.