Hua A. (Jenny) Lu, M.D., Ph.D.

NephCure Young Investigator Career Development Awardee

Dr. Lu graduated from the Peking University Health Science Center in 1992. She works in Boston, MA and 2 other locations and specializes in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. Dr. Lu is affiliated with New England Rehabilitation Hospital.

Boston, Massachusetts

Massachusetts General Hospital

Lay Summary of the Project:

Fam49B is a protein that does not belong to the usual set of proteins associated with proteinuria and Nephrotic Syndrome. Dr. Lu’s research seeks to categorize its function and molecular mechanism using zebra fish and mouse models. Fam49B is highly expressed in developing and mature podocytes in the kidneys of both of these animal models. In previous studies, Dr. Lu demonstrated how knocking down Fam49B in zebra fish embryos led to podocyte foot process effacement, altered podocyte morphology and renal failure. A reduction of Fam49B expression has also been observed in kidneys from patients with FSGS. Her research will investigate the function of Fam49B in podocyte biology and pathophysiology in vitro (lab cultures) and in vivo (animal models) and will examine the mechanism by which Fam49B regulates the structure and function of the podocyte through modulating phospholipids metabolism, protein/vesicular trafficking and cell signaling.


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