Partnering For Cures Conference Stimulates Innovation

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In mid-November, Mark Stone, NephCure Kidney International Acting CEO, attended the sixth annual Partnering For Cures Conference in New York City. The Partnering For Cures Conference is a patient-focused event that brings together leaders from all sectors of medical research to foster collaboration – collaboration that will lead to medical discoveries, and, ultimately, treatments and cures.

Partnering For Cures is hosted by FasterCures, a Washington, DC-based center of the Milken Institute. FasterCures hosts the conference each year to convene groups like NephCure to identify partnership opportunities and advance outcomes-driven medical research. At the core of Partnering For Cures is the idea that the cultivation of cross-sector relationships will lead to collaborative efforts necessary for the development of new therapies.

This year’s conference focused on the importance of patient-reported data and how determined patients are improving and accelerating the search for cures. “Patient empowerment is at the heart of what we do at NephCure,” says Mark Stone. “Conferences like Partnering For Cures help groups like NephCure influence research innovations and remind us of the most important aspect of our research – our patients.”


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