NephCure’s Richard Fissel Selected as Member of the Kidney Health Initiative’s Inaugural Patient and Family Partnership Council

Announcing Kidney Health Initiative’s Inaugural Patient and Family Partnership Council Members*

In order to advance KHI’s efforts to improve patient safety and promote the development of the therapies for diseases that affect the kidneys, KHI recently communicated to the membership the opportunity to serve on the inaugural Patient and Family Partnership Council (PFPC).

The established PFPC will assist the Board of Directors and KHI’s various workgroups in providing strategic guidance about how to engage and include patients, their families and care partners in KHI activities, including but not limited to:

1.     Advise KHI members regarding patient involvement in their project proposals
2.     Outline opportunities for patients to serve once a project has been endorsed
3.     Identify patients to serve on project workgroups
4.     Collaborate on developing patient centered project(s) to submit for KHI endorsement

The KHI Board of Directors have reviewed the submitted applications of many well-qualified candidates for the Patient and Family Partnership Council and have selected the inaugural members.

1.     Ms. Celeste Castillo Lee, Chair and Liaison to KHI Board of Directors (Vasculitis Foundation)
2.     Ms. Denise Eilers, BSN, RN (Home Dialyzors United)
3.     Mr. Richard D. Fissel (NephCure Kidney International)
4.     Mr. Kevin J. Fowler
5.     Ms. Terry F. Litchfield
6.     Mr. Sam Pederson (American Association of Kidney Patients)
7.     Ms. Roberta L. Wager, MSN, RN (American Association of Kidney Patients)
8.     Ms. Caroline Wilkie (National Kidney Foundation)

The PFPC will host its first meeting in May in conjunction with the Third Annual KHI Stakeholders Meeting.


*Text provided by the American Society of Nephrology

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