NephCure Wins Gold at the 2nd Annual Anthem Awards

Honored for Best Health Nonprofit Campaign

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (Feb. 15, 2023) – NephCure is excited to announce the organization’s awareness campaign, ‘On the Rebound: Alonzo Mourning’s Kidney Disease Journey,’ is a Gold Winner in the 2nd Annual Anthem Awards in the Health Nonprofit category.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a national epidemic, with more than 1 in 7 U.S. adults affected. People of color are disproportionately affected by CKD due to genetic risk factors, as well as social determinants of health. APOL1-related kidney disease, caused by a mutation on the APOL1 gene, is an especially aggressive form of CKD—approximately 40% of African Americans on dialysis have kidney failure caused by APOl1.

In highlighting Alonzo Mourning’s personal kidney disease story, NephCure aimed to reach those who are at risk for CKD, raise awareness of rare forms of kidney disease, and educate the public, especially the Black community, about the signs and symptoms of these conditions for earlier diagnoses and treatment.

After creating the video with Mourning in the fall of 2021, NephCure launched a digital campaign in December 2021 in support of their Health Equity Initiative and awareness campaign, sharing the video as well as informational resources to help people better understand their risk and disease management. The campaign was distributed via Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and focused on the 5-minute video of Mourning telling his own story of being diagnosed with kidney disease just after playing in the 2000 Olympics. He shares his kidney disease journey, the physical and emotional impact, and his advice for others at risk.

“Since launching this platform in June of 2021, we have seen that social change has emerged as a dominant force in mainstream culture,” said Jessica Lauretti, Anthem Awards Managing Director. “The sheer number, breadth and overall quality of the entries shared with us in the 2nd Annual Awards is a testament to the strength of this growing movement and demonstrates an enduring commitment to the work that is both humbling and inspiring to see. From the war in Ukraine, to protests in Iran and the ongoing battle for equality here at home in the States, the call for change not only perseveres but is a growing global chorus.”

The Gold Anthem Award is accepted by the NephCure team members who led this campaign— Kylie Karley, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Delaney Geraghty, Manager of Marketing and Communications.

“It’s an honor, and incredibly humbling, to be recognized by the Anthem Awards for the work we’ve been doing to raise awareness of the risk for CKD and APOL1-related kidney disease. We are passionate about ensuring equitable kidney health care for everyone, everywhere, and know our work in this space does not end here, but rather only begins,” said Karley.

Winners for the 2nd Annual Anthem Awards will be celebrated at the Winners Celebration on Feb. 27 in New York City. Fans can hear from social impact leaders and listen to their hallmark speeches at

The Anthem Awards was launched in response to the prevalence social good has taken within the national conversation and cultural zeitgeist in recent years. The 2nd Annual competition received nearly 2,000 entries from 43 countries worldwide. By amplifying the voices that spark global change, the Anthem Awards are defining a new benchmark for impactful work that inspires others to take action in their communities. A portion of program revenue will fund a new grant program supporting emerging individuals and organizations working to advance the causes recognized in the 2nd Annual Anthem Awards.

Anthem Winners are selected by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Members include: Nicholas Thompson, CEO, The Atlantic, Christina Swarns, Executive Director, Innocence Project, Zarna Surti, Global Creative Director, Nike Purpose, Maurice Mitchell, National Director, Working Families Party, Lindsay Stein, Chief Purpose Office, Tombras, Jennifer Lotito, President & Chief Operating Officer, (RED), Lisa Sherman, President & CEO, The Ad Council, Emily Barfoot,Global Brand Director Dove, Unilever, Trovon Williams, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, NAACP, Roma McCaig, Senior VP of Impact, Clif Bar, Michelle Egan, Chief Strategy Officer, NRDC, Dinah-Kareen Jean, Senior Manager, Social Innovation, Etsy, Sarah Kate Ellis,President & CEO, GLAAD, Jad Finck, Vice President of Innovation & Sustainability, Allbirds, Christopher Miller, Head of Global Activism Strategy, Ben & Jerry’s, Shayla Tait, Director of Philanthropy The Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation.

About NephCure:

NephCure’s mission is to accelerate research for effective treatments for nephrotic syndrome, FSGS, and other forms of rare, protein-spilling kidney disease, and to provide education and support that will improve the lives of those affected by these conditions. Founded in 2000 by a group of committed patient parents, NephCure has invested more than $40 million in kidney disease research and helped create a landscape where there are now more than 60 interventional drug trials for primary glomerular kidney diseases. NephCure is a U.S. tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity.

About The Anthem Awards:

Launched in 2021 by The Webby Awards, The Anthem Awards honors the purpose & mission-driven work of people, companies and organizations worldwide. By amplifying the voices that spark global change, we’re defining a new benchmark for impactful work that inspires others to take action in their own communities. The Anthem Awards honors work across seven core causes: Diversity; Equity & Inclusion; Education; Art & Culture; Health; Human & Civil Rights; Humanitarian Action & Services; Responsible Technology; and Sustainability, Environment & Climate. Founded in partnership with the Ad Council, Born This Way Foundation, Feeding America, Glaad, Mozilla, NAACP, NRDC, WWF, and XQ.

About The Webby Awards:

Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international awards organization honoring excellence on the Internet, including Websites; Video; Advertising, Media & PR; Apps, Mobile, and Voice; Social; Podcasts; and Games. Established in 1996, The Webby Awards received more than 13,500 entries from all 50 states and 70 countries worldwide this year. The Webby Awards are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). Sponsors and Partners of The Webby Awards include Verizon, WP Engine, YouGov, Brandlive, Canva, NAACP, KPMG,  Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, MediaPost, Podcast Movement, and AIGA.

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