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imagesOne of the most important things we do at NephCure is connect people to others experiencing similar challenges of living with chronic kidney disease. Whether it be understanding the complexity of Nephrotic Syndrome/FSGS, the side effects of medications, frequent trips to the nephrologist or navigating your way through labs and diets, it can be incredibly overwhelming. At NephCure, we understand the value of connecting patients and caregivers with others to share experiences, frustrations and, better yet, good news!

That’s why we’re expanding our Peer to Peer Support Program. In addition to our online support community, NephSpace, we offer our Patient to Patient Connections (P2PC) program. P2PC is a worldwide organized network of patients and caretakers whose lives have been affected by the diseases causing Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS.  It is designed to connect individuals via email or phone based upon any or all of the following: diagnosis, symptoms, and complications, age of individuals or sometimes specific geographical area.  Our volunteer patient/caretaker ambassadors are committed to offering support and sharing their experiences with others who are facing similar challenges.  You can learn more or be connected with a patient/caretaker ambassador here

We encourage you to take time to make connections with others in similar situations as we know you will benefit greatly from the support and sharing

 If you are interested in becoming Volunteer Patient/Caretaker Ambassador please visit or contact Kelly Helm at

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