The 10th Annual International Podocyte Conference Sold-Out in Freiburg, Germany

Three hundred Nephrology researchers and clinicians descended on the university town of Freiburg, Germany to share the latest data on podocyte and kidney disease research. Co-chaired by Dr. Tobias B. Huber of Freiburg, and Dr. Thomas Benzing of Cologne, the 2014 conference presented a record number of abstracts to investigators and students from around the globe. “We are very excited by this participation, and the opportunity to share the latest research with our colleagues on topics ranging from biomarker data research to glomerular function, podocyte regeneration, and other topics. It is only through this research that cures for glomerular diseases will be found,” said Dr. Huber.

PodocytePhoto1Organized in collaboration with NephCure Kidney International, demand for the 10th Annual meeting became so high that conference organizers had made live stream video of the presentations available to additional attendees. The conference chairs recognized the expertise of their global scientific advisory committee in bringing a rich and vibrant meeting to life.

“It’s powerful to be at the 10th conference, and to see how far research has come in the search for answers which will drive the development of new therapies for FSGS and other Glomerular diseases. The npartia[ation and collaboration amongst the scientists, the bio-pharmaceutical companies and clinicians is exciting to see happen,” said NephCure Kidney International CEO Henry Brehm. “We have more to do, and being among these professionals gives me hope.”

PodocytePhoto2Organizers closed the conference with a traditional awards ceremony.  Dontscho Kerjaschki received the prestigious Marilyn Farquhar Award for Podocyte Research 2014. Evelyne Huynh Cong, Stefan Porubský,and Hani Suleiman received the Best Abstract Award. A full list of the 2014 International Podocyte Conference schedule and more information is available here. The 2016 International Podocyte Conference will convene in Jerusalem, Israel.

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