Lauren Lee

Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement

Lauren has spent her career in a variety of corporate and nonprofit settings, including a historic library, university health system, political campaign and international credit card company. The one common theme in all of these roles? A shared sense of purpose that permeated the workplace. Working at NephCure has taken this feeling of camaraderie and passion to a new level. From day one, Lauren has been inspired and touched by the families we serve — their strength, bravery and kindness is unmatched. The doctors and researchers in this field are equally invested and genuinely motivated by the patients impacted by Nephrotic Syndrome.

Lauren travels frequently to meet with patients and doctors, and we are sure she has lived in, or has relatives in, every state in the country! In her downtime, Lauren enjoys yoga, long walks and spending time with her husband and two kids, Mick and Paige.