Laci W.

Adult, FSGS

I believe that if it wasn’t for my husband Scott, I wouldn’t be here today. When I was sick and misdiagnosed for several months, he was my warrior. He kept pushing and fighting for a doctor to help me. I was tired, sick and ready to give up; I was starting to believe the doctors were right and there was nothing they could do for my “allergies.” When I was being released from the hospital for the third time, Scott wouldn’t accept the doctors’ decision. He demanded more be done for me and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

This led us on a new path to yet another doctor, but this one saw the error of my diagnosis and got me to see a nephrologist right away. Soon after that, I was on medication to help with my Nephrotic Syndrome, and looking for a treatment for FSGS. We tried for a year, and when we didn’t have results, Scott once again was my advocate and moved me along to get a second opinion. The second opinion came from one of the leading doctors for FSGS, and he put me on the right path for my treatment combination that lead me to partial remission. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my advocate fighting for me.