Jodie R.

Child, Nephrotic Syndrome

When I was a baby my mom knew something was wrong so, she took me to the hospital. I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. I always stay happy because I know my mommy and daddy get very sad when they see me in the hospital bed. I’ve battled hard, and I want to battle kidney disease for me and everyone like me.

Mommy says I am a strong little girl going from hospital to hospital and being poked all the time with needles, and she thinks I am a fighter. I’m not ashamed I have nephrotic syndrome. This is how God made me. I’m beautiful and I am exactly what God wanted me to be. I think I have inspired my mommy and daddy and my little brother too.

Always be happy and to show your strength . I love my family and I love myself. I think when you are in the hospital, you should always stay busy by coloring, watching movies, and playing with toys. I love dolls. Maybe play dolls with the nurses, because they are really nice. Always stay tough, because we are tough people.