Adele P.

Child, Minimal Change Disease

Adele was diagnosed when she was two years and five months old. She had nine relapses in three years. She was five years and five months old when her MCD become Prednisone resistant. The doctor told us there was nothing to do without chemotherapy now. We took a course of cyclophosphamide every day for eight weeks. And I couldn’t believe what happened later. I’m afraid to say it aloud because I don’t want to scare the luck—she has been in remission for three years now!

Three years free of MSD, free of Prednisone, free of chemotherapy, free of hospitals, free of immunosuppressive life. She is going to school with other kids, she is playing outside all day long, swimming, eating ice cream and dancing! Yeah, dancing. That was her dream all the time she was immunosuppressed. She is in grade three in her ballet school, and already dancing solo! We pray for NS to never come back to our lives. Hoping for a free and happy life for my little ballerina.

Never be afraid of medication. Always think it is the only way, and it is so helpful for you or your child.