Spotlight On: Savannah Dauster, NephCure’s New Community Development Coordinator

With the recent establishment of the Community Development Department at NephCure Kidney International, we’d like to introduce you to face you may already recognize. Our very own Savannah Dauster has made the transition within the organization to Community Development Coordinator. She explains she’s looking forward to working with our volunteers across the country and continuing to provide information and resources that will truly help our NephCure family. Get to know her a little bit more! 

NephCure Kidney International: How long have you worked for NephCure and what roles have you held?

Savannah Dauster: I starter at NephCure in June of 2018 as the Office Administrator, and I just recently transitioned into my new role as Community Development Coordinator.

NephCure: You’ve recently been promoted to the Community Development Department to help support our Regional Volunteer Communities. What are you looking forward to the most in this new role?

Savannah: One of my favorite things in the world is listening to people and asking questions, so I think the thing I most look forward to is just that. The fact that this new position will afford me the opportunity to get to know and support our patients and volunteers better is super exciting to me!

NephCure: Why are volunteers so valuable to an organization like NephCure?

Savannah: NephCure is nothing without its incredible volunteer base, especially because Nephrotic Syndrome is such a rare group of diseases. Having “boots on the ground” in so many regions of the country is invaluable to our efforts. Our volunteers reach and support new patients in ways that our staff never could!

NephCure: What excites you most about the future at NephCure?

Savannah: Probably the fact that our goal is so close to being accomplished! NephCure has come a really long way in the last twenty years, and I am happy and proud to be here at a time when a treatment might finally make it into the hands of our patients.

 How do you like to spend your free time?

Savannah: I particularly love reading and binge watching Netflix, playing board games with my husband, and spending time with my church!

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