Sanja Sever, Ph.D.

NephCure Established Investigator Awardee

Dr. Sanja Sever has been Assistant Professor in the Renal Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital since 2003. She has published several high profile papers in Nature, J. Cell Biology, Developmental Cell, EMBO J. on the role dynamin. In her most recent paper published in JCI she has made seminal contributions to our understanding of dynamin biochemistry and its role in podocytes and proteinuria development.

Boston, Massachusetts

Massachusetts General Hospital

Lay Summary of the Project:

Podocytes form foot processes that extend into the glomerular filtration barrier. Most forms of NS are characterized by reduction of these extensions and their reorganization, an observation called podocyte ‘foot process effacement’.  Dr. Sever’s research focuses on the mechanism that leads to podocyte foot process effacement or reorganization. Additionally, Dr. Sever has found that GTPase dynamin regulates podocytes, and she is examining the molecular mechanism by which dynamin regulates the foot process effacement in order to find new pathways that drugs can target.


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