Michelle Denburg, MD

NephCure Foundation- ASN Foundation for Kidney Research Grant Awardee

Dr. Denburg addresses fundamental limitations in understanding of skeletal morbidity in patients with chronic kidney disease, glomerular disease, and urinary stone disease, and develops resources to conduct observational research and trials to optimize health outcomes in these high risk populations.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Lay Summary of the Project:

Dr. Denburg is an investigator in pediatric nephrology with advanced training in clinical epidemiology and a research focus on Vitamin D metabolism in proteinuric patients. Abnormal Vitamin D metabolism is an important complication of Nephrotic Syndrome in both adults and children. Vitamin D can be lost in the urine among the proteins that are spilled, and there is evidence that the kidney may handle Vitamin D inappropriately when dealing with the complications of a disease relapse. Vitamin D deficiency is known to cause problems with bone health, but there is also evidence that Vitamin D deficiency can worsen kidney scarring, the most serious concern in Nephrotic Syndrome. Dr. Denburg’s study has two major goals. The first is to expand her preliminary data set by measuring Vitamin D levels of patients with biopsy proven NS enrolled in the NEPTUNE study. The second is to study how different levels of administration of Vitamin D optimize bone health and minimize kidney scarring.


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