Ehtesham Arif, Ph.D

NephCure Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship Grant Awardee

Ehtesham Arif's long term goal is to undertake novel research in the field of podocyte biology with prospects in cure and prevention of kidney disease. To achieve this goal it is necessary to take advantage of the skills and knowledge that he has acquired over the years and learn to apply new technologies as they become available. Arif's long term goal is focused on elucidating the intracellular signaling pathways that are induced following podocyte injury that regulate changes in podocyte morphology or junction formation with the ultimate aim of identifying therapeutic targets for the prevention of glomerular injury and/or enhanced recovery of glomerulus from the injury.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

Lay Summary of the Project:

Scientific investigations have demonstrated that the dynamic changes in podocyte proteins Neph1 and Nephrin govern the loss of cell function leading to proteinuria and kidney damage. Dr. Arif identified recently a new motor protein called Myo1c that may regulate the localization of Neph1 and Nephrin in podocytes. His NephCure funded research project uses mice and zebrafish models to investigate the dynamic interactions between Myo1cNeph1 and Nephrin and decipher the role of Myo1c in the maintenance of glomerular structure and function. An understanding of the functional significance of Myo1c may aid in identifying novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of glomerular diseases.


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