Kidneys & COVID: Keyaira’s Battle Through 2020

After being diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome at the age of 10, Keyaira Sanders has battled her fair share of health scares and struggles throughout high school. The now 22-year-old has reflected on these tough times with kidney disease and refuses to see anything but the beauty that this journey has given her. Like many this year, Keyaira found herself worried and confused about the COVID-19 virus. The pandemic has not been easy on her and her family, who all tested positive for COVID-19 this year. Learn more about Keyaira’s journey and how she’s managing through all the ups and downs.

What was it like during the initial shut down? What went through your head?

Living in the middle of a pandemic has been very tough mentally and physically for me. At first, I didn’t think that it would be this difficult to live through, but there are times where I have found myself battling with depression because I did not expect for things to still be the way in which they are today. At first, I was very confused about COVID-19 and the proper ways to keep myself, and those around me, safe.

What changes did you and your family make regarding COVID-19? 

Because I have Minimal Change Disease, there are a lot of changes that had to be made in my family. The main change, and the most difficult, is not being able to be around loved ones as usual. This has taken a toll on me emotionally because not being able to see your support system is a huge adjustment. 

How has the pandemic most impacted your life?

The pandemic has impacted my life in positive and negative ways. The negative, of course, is not having the ability to do things as normal. But on a positive note, it’s given me time to shift my focus on what really matters in my life. It’s helped me to reflect and appreciate life. I think it’s safe to say that we take a lot for granted and we really don’t realize it until it’s gone. 

You and your family unfortunately caught the virus. What was that like?

This was really hard because there was nothing that we could do to really help one another get better. I ended up being hospitalized because I have a pre-existing condition (MCD). It took a toll on me even more knowing that my family was battling it too. This was very difficult to get through and even after testing negative, it’s still a struggle mentally and physically. 

How has NephCure helped you through this time?

NephCure has helped me to stay strong in knowing that I have a community of loving support behind me. I am so grateful to have come across NephCure because without this community I’m not sure what I would do to keep going.

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