Laura Mariani, MD

Beneficiario de la Beca de Estudios Auxiliares NEPTUNE

Dr. Mariani is a nephrologist and researcher at the University of Michigan. She completed her medical school training at the University of Michigan and subsequently completed her internal medicine residency, chief residency, nephrology fellowship, and Masters of Science in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania.


Universidad de Michigan

Resumen Laico del Proyecto:

Dr. Mariani is currently an Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology at the University of Michigan and has a primary clinical and research interest in observational studies in glomerular disease, including NEPTUNE and CureGN. Her primary research interest is in developing and applying statistical methods for clinical outcome definition and prediction of kidney disease progression as well as linking clinical phenotype to novel biomarkers and high dimensional omics data to better understand disease mechanisms that can be targeted for therapy in glomerular disease. The underlying mechanism of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and minimal change disease (MCD) and factors which determine a patient’s disease trajectory and response to therapy remain unclear. This project will measure products of metabolism in the blood and urine and compare them to kidney biopsy tissue gene expression levels to identify new markers of disease activity and potential targets for therapy.

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