Daniella Levy Erez, M.D., M.T.R.

Neptune Ancillary Studies Grant Award

Dr. Levy Erez graduated from Medical School at Ben Gurion University in Israel and completed her pediatric residency at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petach Tikva, Israel. She moved with her husband and children to the United States to pursue an academic research career. She completed her pediatric nephrology fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and received her Master’s in translational research at the University of Pennsylvania.


University of Pennsylvania

Lay Summary of the Project:

Dr. Daniella Levy Erez has experience being both a clinician and a translational researcher. For most of her residency, she cared for Nephrotic Syndrome patients who had received immune therapies and newly transplanted patients who had just received kidney transplants. Her early clinical exposure to renal disease sparked an interest in immunology and pediatric nephrology. Her research is focused on identifying immune biomarkers in kidney disease.

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