FSGS Facts

More than 5400 patients are diagnosed with FSGS every year, however, this is considered an underestimate because:

  • a limited number of biopsies are performed
  • the number of FSGS cases are rising more than any other cause of Nephrotic Syndrome.1

NephCure estimates that there are currently 19,306 people living with ESRD due to FSGS2 , in part because it is the most common cause of steroid resistant Nephrotic Syndrome in children,3 and it is the second leading cause of kidney failure in children.4

NephCure estimates that people of African ancestry are at a five times higher diagnosis rate of FSGS.5

About half of FSGS patients who do not respond to steroids go into ESRD each year, requiring dialysis or transplantation.6

Approximately 1,000 FSGS patients a year receive kidney transplants7 however, within hours to weeks after a kidney transplant, FSGS returns in approximately 30-40% of patients.8

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